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Fairy Cakes


As we’ve been doing the story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ in Literacy, today we decided to make fairy cakes for kipper’s birthday party that we are going to have on Friday! We used communication boards to support the development of our core language and mixed each ingredient together to make fairy cakes. They were delicious!!

Clown Hat Cones


This week we worked on following visual instructions to make clown hat cones! We had a photo of each step to making our cones and followed each step to create wonderful clown hat cones just like the clowns at the circus wear! 

Hot Dogs


This week we worked on our cutting skills again as we chopped up an onion to fry for our hot dogs! We also had our first go at using the hob to cook the onions. We are learning to be very safe when in the kitchen and we know not to touch the hob because it might be hot! We had lots of fun making hot dogs and even more fun eating them!

Fruit Kebabs


This week we worked on our cutting and fine motor skills to make healthy fruit kebabs! We had a variety of fruit which we chopped up with an adult helping us when using the knife. Once all our fruit was chopped we threaded it onto a skewer to make a colourful and tasty fruit kebab! We also loved trying lots of different fruits as we went!