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Home Learning Spring Term

Farmyard Haystacks:

You will need: 

2 cups Sesame sticks OR All Bran OR Pretzel Sticks OR something similar (edible stick shapes)

2 cups Marshmallows

2 cups butter

Baking Paper


In a large bowl, combine the butter and marshmallows and microwave until melted, stirring occasionally.

Add sticks and stir until combined. That’s all the mixing and melting you need.

Place  baking sheet on a tray and spoon the mixture onto the tray making little piles.

Let these haystacks cool and some of the stickiness of the treat will go away. They will be much easier to hold once cooled


Superworm Treats

Home Learning Autumn Term 2


We have been practising our mixing and scooping and spreading skills this term! Use the recipe instructions below to make the cookies and then brownies in your second week. Make sure you supervise and support your child throughout, especially when putting them in the oven.

For the brownies, you can either shop buy them or there is a great recipe link below that you can use with your child to make a quick and easy mug brownie! 



Reindeer Brownies 


Home Learning Autumn Term 1


Fruit kebabs


You will need:

A skewer

A knife



Choose whatever fruit you like for this fun and easy cookery session. 

Help your child cut the fruit carefully and spear onto the skewer. Use the visuals below to help your child follow along.