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Communication & Interacting

In Yew Class the children are working really hard to develop their communication and interaction skills. Some of the children use PECS books to communication and learning activities are planned to encourage the children to use in a range of environments.  
Picture 1 Lewis clapped Craigs hands together for more songs
Picture 2 Jake wanting tickles.
Picture 3 Layla making sentences independently.
Picture 4 Ellis using PECs for snack.
Picture 5 Introducing Lewis & Jake to PECs.
Picture 6 "more spin".
Picture 7 Blow, Blow, Blow...
Picture 8 Ready, Steady, GO!
Picture 9 Austin asking for "open"
Picture 10 Layla using her PECs book during story time.
Picture 11 Bubbles are Jakes favourite.
Picture 12
Picture 13 Intensive interation with Margi.
Picture 14 Jake being encouraged to ask for more balloon.