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Climbing Wall

We are all enjoying using the climbing wall, we are learning to turn take and wait our turn. We all have individual targets to work on. Lizzie supports us on the climbing wall and will give us targets to work on each term.

Tuesday 7th December 2020

We have seen so much progress with the children in Chestnut class this term using the climbing wall and we are so proud of all the children but this week we are celebrating-


* Libby for wearing the climbing equipment and using the wall. 
* For Ben achieving the 6 metres at the top of the wall.

* For Ryan getting into cradle and walking down the wall. 

Tuesday 10th November 2020


Today Libby and Lexi took big steps in their development on the climbing wall, transitioning can be very unsettling and we've taken small steps for Libby to get closer to the climbing wall to touch the pegs. Lexi was able to wear the hoist and get into cradle position. 

As you can see from the pictures their physical development is flourishing.  

Tuesday 20th October 2020


Congratulations Megan, who can now safely tie knots on the children when they access the climbing wall under Lizzie's supervision. 

Tuesday 6th November 2020


Learning how to cradle-

Cradle is the safest way to get down from the wall, holding the rope with two hands and walking down the wall. This can be frightening but the children have built strong relationships with the staff, especially Lizzie to listen to her instructions and take car whilst coming down from the wall. We are so proud of Chestnut class this week! 

Climbing and getting into cradle

Still image for this video