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Class 3 enjoyed their educational visit to Space world. We decided we wanted to go to visit a place linking to our topic of Aliens, where better than Space world where we can look at space, spacemen, looking at the planets. We even went on a virtual ride where we spun through space in our very own spaceship.   
Class 3 holiday to Llandudno Wales.
Class3 enjoyed their holiday to Llandudno Wales. Here are some photos showing all the fun things we got up to and having a good time. We enjoyed a day trip to Greenwood Park where we explored a nature trail and got wet on the water slide.We explored lots of different places to eat and drink, we even indulged into a full English breakfast at Karden House Hotel. Yum Yum!  
The Princess and the Pea
As part of our literacy we read and acted out the story about The Princess and the Pea. First of all we had to figure out if we could feel the pea under our bed! Then we had to decide where to put the pea for the next prince or princess to feel. Some of us decided to the put the pea under the bed and some decided they wanted to hide the pea in the castle.  We then done some work in our literacy books where we had to write about are favourite or least favourite aspect of the book.   
We had a lovely day at our garden party celebrating the Queens 90th birthday. We joined class 1 and class 2 to have a party with lots of party food including sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps, cakes and juice. The children celebrated red, white and blue. They made crowns in class and decorated the Union Jack flag to wave in celebration.    
Celebrating The Queens 90th Birthday

The children in class 3 making pizza as part of the music week celebrating street art.

As part of music week in Millstead we celebrated in lots of different ways. An activity the children enjoyed was making pizzas. For this the children had various topping the could choose from, onions, peppers, cheese, tomato puree and salami.  The used their cutting skills to chop the ingredients and their creativity to design their pizzas. The children then enjoyed eating them yum yum!      

Learning about capacity.

The children in class 3 enjoyed playing in the water. They followed instructions to fill the water tray to the line then stop.  The also had another water tray that they had to fill up using smaller containers. The children worked together to transport the water from one tray to the other being careful not to spill any on the way. Good job class 3!
The children learning about nature in their outdoor environment.
The children in class three looking for bugs! Imam, Joseph, Brandon and Mr Rooney found a line of ants in the yard, they decided to follow them and see what they where doing. The ants where walking up and down carrying twigs to make their nests, the children also noticed the ants  digging holes.    

Class 3 street art.

Class 3 enjoyed looking at street art around the world. We decided to have a go ourselves by spraying different colours over the letters of our names onto a brick template sheet.

Class 3 curriculum leaflet for summer 1

Class 3 Residential - Llandudno