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Christmas in Chestnut Class

Look who dropped by for a visit today......


Christmas lunch :)


The whole school got together today to have a Christmas lunch. The senior teachers served our yummy Christmas dinner and we got to dress up in all our favourite fancy dress clothes. We even decorated hats!

What has that silly Elf been up to now...

The dinosaur that pooped Christmas


We really enjoy when we all get to sit on the rug and Lizzie reads us a story, especially when it’s a Christmas one!

It has been such a busy week with the Christmas play that it was nice to just relax and enjoy story time.

10.12.19 - The Christmas play


Every year at Millstead School, the whole school perform a Christmas play. In the weeks leading up to the play, all of us work our socks off to practise our Christmassy dances, our Christmassy singing and make Christmassy costumes to dazzle you all! It’s a great opportunity for us to show you how hard we work to come together as a team and to show off some of our fantastic acting and performing skills.

Mini Christmas puddings


In Literacy today, we were given instructions on how to make our very own Christmas puddings out of melted white chocolate and Oreos.

We had to complete this task as independently at possible, we did get help from our staff when we used the microwave!

They were delicious!

09.12.19 - Look what the Elf has done now!!


Chestnut class had a lovely morning at Dobbies, but we couldn't believe what happened when we got back to school. We found pictures at the printer OF THE ELF, he had followed us all the way to Dobbies to see if we were being sensible! 


Good job we were all on our best behaviour :)

Exploring Christmas patterns in Numeracy

Fine motor candy canes

02.12.19 - Team work makes the dream work


We spent this afternoon helping the Elf finish off the last of the Christmas decorations. We listened to Christmas music while we all worked together to make our tree look lovely and festive!

Making Santa decorations

02.12.19 - The start of Christmas in Chestnut Class


We came into school this morning and could not believe what happened. The Christmas Elf is back and he is already causing chaos! 


The Elf stole our teacher's fob and sneaked into our classroom in the middle of the night. There are lights everywhere, lots of tinsel and even a beautiful handmade tree. Wait till you see all the sneaky photos that were taken by the office staff!!