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Child and Adult Led activities in Beech Class

Picture 1 Elliott using gross motor movements to play
Picture 2 Joseph created a character fromhis favourite story
Picture 3 Finlay following instructions to make toast
Picture 4 Kyrus following instructions to make toast
Picture 5 Callum using a visual cue to independently build
Picture 6 Connor supported by an adult during sensory play
Picture 7 Connor really engaged with water play
Picture 8 Sky chose to build a tower with an adult
Picture 9 Connor anticipating adult sprinkling messy play
Picture 10 Joseph writing sentences from his favourite story
Picture 11 Elliott supported by an adult to extend play
Picture 12 VJ practising big arm and leg movements with Liam
Picture 13 Lewis using his arms to walk forward
Picture 14 Joseph built a 'laptop' to put his 'dvd' in!
Picture 15 Sky following a visual cue to independently build
Picture 16 Finlay and Joseph building a jigsaw
Picture 17 Joseph labelling the characters from the jigsaw
Picture 18 Children playing a game to practise finger skills
Picture 19 Making patterns and practising finger skills
Picture 20 Jibrail forming ' I hear ...' sentences
Picture 21 Finlay practising finger and thumb pincer skills
Picture 22 Lewis really happy that he is the winner
Picture 23 Callum independently building a tower
Picture 24 Jaydem built an animal from lego