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Summer Term 1 Curriculum Leaflet

Information about what we are learning through our new topic 'The Wild, Wild West' and how you can help at home.

Chestnut Class

People Who Help Us.


The children in Chestnut Class have  been learning all about the topic 'people who help us' .


We have been completing literacy tasks linked to the police station and post office, making wanted posters and postcards. The children have enjoyed learning all about the different features of  books during our topic and have visited a library to collect books about the firemen, the police, the postman, the nurses, paramedics and about teachers.


During our trips we have visited a post office where we posted the postcards we made earlier in the week; the library to collect information books; the park where we hunted for the robbers gold coins; the fire station where we met a real life fireman and to the doctors waiting room where we collected leaflets. 





We love to read!!!


The children in Chestnut Class enjoy visiting the library and searching for books related to our topic. We read with an adult or simply look through the books at the illustrations. We have been learning how to enjoy a book together at the library as a whole class, sitting together, listening to the reader and looking at the pictures.

Reading Together!