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Chestnut Class

3, 2, 1... Blast off!!!


The children in Chestnut Class have enjoyed learning all about space this term. We have explored lots of sensory materials during sensory play and completed art tasks to create our own art project about space. We have made robots, spaceships and decorated planets to create our own solar system.

The children have continued to follow a very structured routine and have participated in a daily sensory story 'Peppa Pig's visit to space'. We focused on communication and choice making this term in Cookery and the children enjoyed making Fruit Spaceships.

The children have continued to work towards their individualised targets and have had regular sensory inputs throughout the day. Interaction and engagement skills have been developed through interaction sessions in the class, on the playground in the sensory room and in the rebound room. It has been lovely to see the children working alongside their peers and on occasion initiating interactions with them!

This term Chestnut Class have been learning about 'The Farm'.

The children have had opportunities to engage in  a range of sensory experiences including; exploring the pigs in the sloppy wet mud, egg hunting in the chickens nests, cleaning the animals using shaving foam and exploring real produce in the water and sand trays.


We have been developing our fine motor skills by finding hidden animals in a range of sensory products or problem solving by retrieving the eggs hidden inside lockable eggs. The children have enjoyed outdoor learning, developing pre writing skills by painting farm animals using spray and squirty bottles and cleaning vegetables in the water tray or cleaning the animals for Mrs Wishy Washy using a variety of cleaning tools.


The children have enjoyed a visit to the farm as well as an egg hunt at the local park where the children enjoyed playing on the swings and exploring their environment.


Intensive interactions in Chestnut Class

Me and my family.

The children in Chestnut Class have been learning about the topic 'me and my family' they have been enjoyed face painting sessions, hand printing, foot printing and exploring a range of sensory materials. During cookery sessions the children have made pizza faces. The children enjoyed tasting the different foods and exploring the ingredients, their favourite part was eating their pizza once cooked.


This term we have been completing work based on the topic 'Once upon a time'. The children have been very busy during art lessons creating a beanstalk and the giant's castle out of a range of art materials. We have explored a variety of sensory materials linked to 'Jack and the Beanstalk' including; painting with green beans, painting with our feet, exploring different types of beans and engaged with the sensory story.


Following this we have learnt all about 'The Little Red Hen'. The pupils have engaged with the sensory story and completed reading activities using big books and the iPad. The children have explored the resources used to make the bread such as the seeds, wheat and flour.


We have enjoyed linking our stories to our science topic 'Growing'; during these lessons we have explored the materials used during growing, visited garden centres and shops to buy resources needed to plant and have planted cress, broad beans and mint.


We look forwards to ending our topic with a fun filled fairy tale day, where the children will have the opportunity to come to school dressed as their favourite fairy tale character and complete lots of themed activities.

During cookery sessions pupils made recipes using a variety of different beans. We developed our engagement, exploration and turn taking skills whilst also learning how to pour, stir and cut. The pupils made cowboy casserole, chilli con carne as well as egg and cress sandwiches, they all enjoyed tasting the recipes once they were ready!