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Cedar Class

 Here is a look at what we will be learning this term.


Literacy – Cedar Class Stars, But Martin, Alien Tea on Planet Zum Zee, Marshmallows for Martians and All About Space. We're even flying into space to go and meet some aliens in our role play!

Numeracy – Number, addition, subtraction, data collection and handling, capacity and shape

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – Ways to look after our environment. Use of different materials.  

PSED - Recognising my feelings, being kind and Yoga

Cookery – Chopping and kitchen safety

Art – Creating for purpose. Space-themed collage

D&T -  Designing and creating. Junk art aliens, alien space ships, papier-mâché planets and astronaut helmets

ICT - Safety, mouse skills and independently using a programme to sequence

PE – Balance, games, sportsmanship and strength and agility on the climbing wall

Swimming - Independent changing and confidence in the water

Educational Visits – Parks in the local area (Road safety, location recognition, observing our changing surroundings, soundwalks and keeping ourselves safe)


The children in Cedar Class have been having a blast these first few weeks and some of their work has been out of this world! Take a look at some of the activities that we have been completing.

Autumn Term 1: A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Helping your child to learn at home.

You can help your child to learn through the little things you do with them, for example:

  • Lets get talking - Have lots and lots of everyday conversations about different things. Start your day off with a chat about the weather and keep track of the days of the week and date.                                                                   
  • Make-believe play - being superheroes, playing 'mummies and daddies', playing shopping, dress-ups, playing flying to the moon, tea-parties, playing trucks in the sandpit or garden and playing with dolls and teddies. 
  • Get Messy! - Messy play is a fantastic way to get your child engaged and motivated to learn. Click the link below for some messy play ideas.
  • Games with numbers or letters - I-Spy, counting our favourite toys and number hunts. Chalk is a great, cheap resource for writing numbers and letters outside for your child to trace. Check out the links to educational websites.  
  • Reading together - it's important that our children have lots of opportunities and access to reading as possible. Find your child's favourite story and read together. Encourage your child to follow along and talk and ask lots of questions as you read. Our topic this term is space and there are some stories to share on our class page. 
  • Involve them in the things you are doing - Involve your children in different household chores and activities. Make some fairy cakes and encourage your child to mix and pour. Make sure there is lots of talking through out! We have been focussing on chopping different foods in cookery this term. 
  • Keeping active - While inside, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your children active, such as: playing hide-and-seek, seeing who can do the most star jumps, making an obstacle course, playing music and having a dance-off.