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Welcome to Cedar Class!


Hi everyone and welcome to our class page. We have 8 boys and 3 girls in our class. Jo is our class teacher and we have Libbie, Angela, Becky and our apprentice Chloe to support our learning. We are a very independent class and we love daily challenges that get us problem solving. We love to be active and get out and about in our local community. Check back to see pictures of what we have been up to through the week.

Spring Term 2 2019


Our topic next term is Robot wars. We will be studying the following:

Literacy – Information and instruction texts, No Bots The Robot with No Bottom and Rusty the Squeaky Robot.

Numeracy – Calculations, direction and movement, angles, symmetry and patterns.

Design and Technology – Designing and constructing a robot

Art – Adding detail to robots

Science – Electricity

History – Robot films

RE – Easter and supporting our local community

PE – Story circuit

Music – Creating different style voices using Ipas apps

ICT – Manipulating Beebots and saving and retrieving work

Cookery – Chopping and cutting skills and using robot like kitchen equipment

Swimming – Pool safety and independence around hygiene

Yoga – Following instructions and developing relaxation strategies

Spring Term 1 – 2019


This term we will be learning all about




Here is a look at what we will be learning…


Literacy – Fact files and retrieving information

Numeracy – Number sequencing and quantities, time, capacity and handling data

Design and Technology – designing and making puppets

Geography – Famous Italian landmarks and places

History – Football and food

Science – Using light to create shadows

PE – Gymnastics

RE – The Popes role

Music – Using food (pasta and peas) to create musical instruments and sounds

Cookery –  types of pizza and pasta

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Locating equipment and setting up independently

Restaurant Italia - 13.02.19

Today as apart of our speaking, listening and reading targets we changed Cedar class into an Italian restaurant. We had a delicious set menu to choose from including a starter, main and dessert. Sophie and Angela our waitresses took our orders and we enjoyed salad and melon for starters. Then our mains arrived at our tables on a trolley. Becky and Chloe came to check all of our meals were to our liking and dished out our tasty desserts. We would give the restaurant 5/5 and a big thumbs up! no

The Trevi Fountain - 11.02.19

We looked at videos on Youtube of the Trevi fountain in Rome and wanted to make our own wishes so we went to Sefton park with our lucky pennies and threw them into the fountain. We took it in turns and then had a lovely stroll through the park. We saw a rainbow in the fountains on the lake!

"The Trevi Fountain" - 11.02.19



Cedar Class have created puppets during our art lessons. We are also using them to create puppet shows and to create shadows in Science. We used our puppets as a discussion point with our friends. We gave them a name, an age and decided on their favourite food. We then quizzed each other to see if we could remember all the facts about our partners puppet!

Italy Pizza Peer Massage


Italia Airways

Today we boarded our Italia Airways flight to Rome. We used our passports and tickets that we made during literacy and ICT lessons. We waited in the departure lounge before boarding and found our seats independently when given our seat number. We fastened our seat belts for take off. During our flight we used money to buy an in flight snack and drink. We read some news papers and magazines to pass the time whilst sipping on a cup of tea. Once we landed in Rome we had lunch and some time to explore before boarding again to make it back to school in time for assembly. Until next time Rome.. Arrivederci! 

Otterspool Park 10.01.19

It's Christmas! 

And what a busy time of year it has been. We were brilliant in our school play and thank you for coming to see us. We have had some great fun visiting the school next door for a lovely Christmas dinner and we got to see year 1 perform the Nativity which we loved. We have also had a special VIP guest... SANTA! We got the best presents ever and even managed to get a group photo with him. We had a ball dancing at the Christmas disco and filled our bellies with snacks on our visit to the cinema to see the.. the.. the.. the GRINCH!


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas frown


Children In Need Day 15.11.18

We had a fantastic day in our PJ's and took part in a Dance-a-thon.

We played Pudsey Bingo, made masks and enjoyed some delicious crackers donated by Jacobs!

Don't forget about all the amazing dancing we did in class. We love to boogie!


Autumn Term 2


This term we will be learning all about different artists for our topic ‘The Jolly Postman’.

Here is a look at what we will be learning…


Literacy – The Jolly Postman, Alternative fairy tales, The Jolly Christmas Postman, letters to Santa and instructions

Numeracy – Calculations, shapes, number sequencing and time

Design and Technology – Building a post box and Santa’s sleigh

History – Modes of transport through time

Science – Forces

PE – Obstacles and Dance (With Everton in the Community)

RE – Diwali, special gifts and the Christmas story

Music – Making soundscapes and sounds in different environments

Cookery – Postman’s lunch

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Calming ourselves and following instructions


Peer Massage

Each day in Cedar class we take part in peer massage. We all sit to the side of our chairs and our partner give us a massage following the PowerPoint (tagged below). We love when an adult reads the story outloud and models the actions to us. Take a look and see if you can join in at home!

We use the music tale as old as time from Beauty and the Beast (piano version on youtube). 

Autumn Term 1


This term we have been learning all about different artists for our topic‘Brushes at the Ready!’ Here is a look at what we have been learning..


Literacy – Elmer, Monsters love Colour and Our Favourite Things

Numeracy – Money, Time, Length, Number and Sequencing

Art – Drawing and painting in the style of Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Picasso and Van Gogh

Geography – Map skills, looking at the hometowns of famous artists and contrasting localities

Science – Changing and separating materials

PE – Athletics and Dance (With Everton in the Community)

RE – Rule and actions

Music – National Anthems and music from different countries

Cookery – Famous foods from Artist countries.

Swimming – Pool safety and independence in the water

Yoga – Calming ourselves and following instructions