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Hi everyone!

In Cedar class we have 6 boys and 5 girls. Our teacher is called Sophie and we are very lucky to have Jane, Marianne, Vicki and our apprentice Olivia to help and support our learning. We also have a student teacher called Dan. Laura comes into our class on a Wednesday afternoon to teach PE.

Leavers Assembly 2018


Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend our leavers assembly yesterday. The children in Cedar class have worked so hard and they were incredible during the assembly. It is safe to say a few tears were shed from staff, children and parents. We are very proud of all of the children and now it's time to celebrate our last two days together in Millstead school. Thank you for all your support.


Cedar Class Team heart


What an amazing but busy Summer term we are having! We really enjoyed our trip to Gullivers world and most of us are preparing for our last week in Millstead School. We have had an amazing afternoon at Forest School and we even went to McDonalds for a mcflurry during transition afternoons. This week we are preparing for our Leavers assembly and having lots of fun with our friends. We will be having a pool party, disco and a movie morning in class.

Here's to our last week before summer holidays! frown

Summer 2 – Dungeons and Dragons!

Here is a look at what we will be doing this term...


Literacy – Zog, The Dragon who, Dragon Stew

Numeracy – Quantities, time, sequencing, mass, movement and positioning

Science – Forces/circuits

Art/ D&T- Cutting/sticking and crafting

PSHE – Scared/safe and my hobbies

History – Shields of Arms, protective clothing, court jesters and

ICT – Researching and saving, retrieving and printing documents

Immersive Suite – Creating a story adding detail week by week

PE – Athletics

Music – Medieval music

Cookery – Independence when using equipment making delicious dragon treats!

Sports Week – 25th June – 29th June


In Cedar class we are earning our badges at Dragon Trainer Boot Camp and getting our fitness levels up to scratch in case of a dragon attack. We Worked on our defence skills and following instructions!

Creative Week

08.05.18 - 11.05.18

Last week we looked at 4 different Disney movies and took part in different activities including; art, dance, music, cookery and rebound. We made lots of amazing things and had a great time exploring each Disney theme. 


We looked at:

Tuesday - Robin Hood

Wednesday - Moana 

Thursday - Pinocchio

Friday - Aladdin


On Friday afternoon we had a chance to show the whole school some of the cool things we had made throughout the week and then we celebrated by having a Disney ball!


Road Safety at LFC 04.05.18

Summer 1 - Play that Funky Music!

Here is a look at what we will be doing this term...

Literacy – The animal bop, poetry and non-fiction

Numeracy – Quantities, time, sequencing, mass, movement and positioning

Science – The Senses

Art/ D&T- Painting techniques and making instruments

PSHE – Healthy drinks, personal hygiene and worried/relax emotions

History – Evolution of dance

ICT – Saving, retrieving and printing documents

RE – Christianity

PE – Outdoor games

DT – 3D animal masks

Music – Music through the ages

Cookery – Healthy options and independence when using equipment

Spring 2  - New Life

This term we will be looking at...

Literacy – Jack and the Bean Stalk, Report writing and The Best Cow in Show

Numeracy – Quantities, time, sequencing, mass, movement and positioning

Science – Life cycles

PSHE – Road/bike safety and gardening

Geography – Recycling in the local environment

ICT – Pictograms

RE – Festivals

PE – Athletics

DT – 3D animal masks

Music – Composing music

Cookery – Foods linked to festivals and safety in the kitchen

12.03.18 - Philharmonic Hall

We had a wonderful time at the Philharmonic at the Harmony concert listening to children from local schools perform in an orchestra!

01.03.18 - World Book Day: A Day with Miss Trunchbull


Today we had a visitor.. MISS TRUNCHBULL! She came to our class to celebrate World Book Day. 

We got to take part in lots of different activities including; reading, writing, cooking, dancing and art. We read lots of stories and had some visitors from University to deliver an art and cookery session.. it was great! Miss Trunchbull was very sneaky and brought a chocolate cake big enough for Bruce Bogtrotter! We all had a delicious slice for our snack. 

27.02.18 - Snow.. What Snow?!

Yesterday there was a big sheet of fresh snow outside of our class room... We were very excited! The children asked could they go and explore the snow together and they had so much fun! Lots of snow angels were made and plenty of mini snowmen created on our outside tables.

We then came back inside to defrost. 


23.02.18 - Everton Park

Today we went for a big walk up the hills to Everton Park. We had a look at the amazing view and found out lots of information out from the boards around the area. We then went into the playing park to take part in some exercises and counting lots using the equipment!



We have been planting magic beans to see if we can grow our very own beanstalk! Wish us luck! frown


This week we have been looking at weather forecasts and making predictions each day about the weather. We set up a map on our interactive board and presented the weather to our class by using weather cards as a prompt for us to talk about.

Stay tuned for videos next week! 


Each morning Cedar class use the small hall to take part in Wakey Shakey. We dance to two songs and then have a cool down song to do lots of stretches to. We are getting really good at it now and we take it in turns to lead the session and the adults dance at the back! frown 


Big thank you to everyone who came along to see the Christmas play! The children have worked so hard and have been amazing. We are so proud of them all! smiley

Santa and His Elves!


Christmas Celebrations


Christmas is in full swing at Millstead School! We had an amazing time at the Christmas Fayre and wanted to thank everyone who came along. smiley


As we have been so busy... here is a little look at what we have been up to. We had an awesome trip to the Cinema to see 'The Star' and have been looking at the Christmas story using characters from the movie. We also made decorations for our class tree using patterns. Don't forget the delicious biscuits we designed and made.


We are looking forward to our school Christmas dinner next week and lots of fun activities that have been planned. Remember to check back next week to see some more picture!


Thank you for your support.


Cedar Class Team frown

Tree Lighting - 05.12.17

Road Safety



Cedar Class took a lovely autumn walk to the local park to look at a busy road and how we can keep ourselves safe when crossing. We used the pedestrian lights and waited for the green man before crossing. When we got to a road with no pedestrian lights or a zebra crossing, we had to stop, look and listen. We are all getting very good at recognising the best place to cross on a road. 

Autumn Term 2 

This term we are looking at lots of different types of celebrations.


Literacy - Dr Seuss, Safety (firework and road safety), The Queens Knickers and Christmas stories.

Numeracy - Quantities, calculations, measurements, money and time.

Science - Light and dark

History - Victorian times

ICT - Controlling programmes and Beebots

RE - Different special occasions

PE - Gymnastics/football training every Friday morning at IM Marsh University Campus with football coaches.

Art - 3d crafts

Cookery - Party food

Continuous provision - practicing skills and turn taking activities

Who Ya Gonna Call? CEDAR CLASS!

Still image for this video
Cedar class have been learning all about dance and movement for PE this term. They have worked really hard with Hayley to create a dance to Thriller and GhostBusters to perform for the school on Halloween. Have a look at their amazing moves!

Here is a little sneak peak at what we have been up to the past term.  We have all worked really hard and our Harvest Festival was fantastic! frown

Here is a look at our curriculum for the Autumn 1 term:


Literacy - Happy families book collection (Mr Tick the Teacher, Master Bun the Baker's Boy and Mrs Vole the Vet).

Numeracy - Quantities, calculations, measurements, money and time. 

Science -Keeping healthy

History - Our local area

ICT - Powerpoint story books

RE - Judaism 

PE - Dance/football trianing every Friday morning at IM Marsh University Campus with football coaches.

Art - Prints and self portraits

Cookery - bread

Continuous provision - praticing skills and role playing jobs. 

We are learning everyday about friendship and role models. frown


This term in Science we are learning all about healthy foods and different ways we can exercise to keep ourselves healthy. We took a trip to the local park to use some of the exercise equipment. We also had some friendly races outside whilst the sun was shining. We had plenty of water to keep us hydrated! frown