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During the Spring Term our topic is 'The Italian Experience'.


The children have been completing a range of activities related to Italy and the film 'Pinocchio'. The children have enjoyed joining in with the story of Pinocchio, they ordered the visuals to show their understanding of it.  For music the children have been joining in with the 'Pinocchio dance' for this dance the children must complete actions with different body parts.


We have been developing play skills in a range of activities, the children have been learning how to play with toys appropriately following visual instructions.

Music Sessions

Hello and welcome to Birch Class!


In Birch Class we have 8 children; Ryan, Mia, Leo, Ayman, Tolaz, Sian, Mateusz and Alfie. This Term the children have been completing work on the topic, 'Paintbrushes at the Ready!'


 We have completed a range of activities in literacy and maths working towards their academic achievement targets and have concentrated on social communication, emotional regulation and transactional support targets during; creative activities, swimming sessions, parachute sessions and for play skills sessions.  


The children have been focusing on individualised targets during rebound sessions, for example requesting, securing attention, waiting, and turn taking.


We have had lots of fun on our class trips. We have been to Walker Art Gallery, the park completing graffiti art activities and developing our independent living skills. We have been making progress towards our individual living skills targets throughout all our tasks.


Please have a look at some of our work!



We follow a SCERTS curriculum to develop the children's social skills communication, emotional regulation and transactional supports. Areas of our curriculum are planned to develop specific targets for each individual child. This may be waiting turns in play activities, rebound or parachute or it could be trying new foods at the lunch table.


Progress towards these targets are evidenced on weekly observation sheets, wow observation sheets or on IEP documents.