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We are a very busy class, we want to share with you all the fun we have been getting up to whilst in school!
 In Birch class we have 6 boys , Eze, Jack, Henry, Tommy, Austin and Matthew and 1 girl Layla  :) 


Amy is our class teacher and works together with Laura, Louise, Jen and Caitlyn to help us achieve all of our goals, become more independent, explore the local community and to support our access to the curriculum.

Learning from home 

With the uncertainty of the current COVID situation, I have added links to different activities we do throughout the school day and other ideas to keep you busy if you are at home. :)



In Birch class we have been working very hard on our communication skills in school, whether this be initiating play, communicating a want or need either verbally or using our PECS books. Most of us are working on gaining adults attention before an exchange we are prompting our children to tap who they wish to talk to before requesting, this way we know they adult is aware we are aiming our communication towards them.


Each morning we start our day by singing hello to our peers, and greet each other with a hello or a wave! We also have a big focus on looking at our emotions, practicing how we might show these with facial expressions and ways that could help us manage our emotions.


After snack and play time, we enjoy getting together to listen to a story - this term it is monsters love colours! We have had lots of fun, mixing, dancing and wiggling like the monsters in the story! But we have created two new stories for you to read whilst at home -  A colour Hunt and our version of the day the crayons quit!


Our afternoon are filled with fun physical activities, such as PE, TAC PAC, and learning to play with different toys. We love to spend this time doing so many different things with the adults, so why change it at home? Have some wonderful fun with your children and make some amazing memories for them in these uncertain times. 


To end our day we relax with hand class - where we enjoy a little hand massage then  hold, roll, squeeze, and pat different textured items - ending with another hand massage and relaxing whilst watching fish swim in the ocean. 


We hope you have some wonderful days where we (the children) share our school day with you (my parents/carers) at home !

Learning from home plan

Our learning at home