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Beech Class

Hello and welcome to Beech Class! 

We are a mixed age class of 6 boys and 5 girls.  Our teacher this year is Michelle F and our staff in class are Kate, Lauren and Olivia.


Our topic for this term is Robots.  

We will be studying the following:

Literacy – Information and instruction texts, No Bots The Robot with No Bottom and Rusty the Squeaky Robot.

Numeracy – Calculations, Capacity, direction and movement, angles, symmetry and patterns.

Design and Technology – Designing and constructing a robot

Art – Adding detail to robots

Science – Electricity

History – Robot films

RE – Easter and supporting our local community

PE – Story circuit

Music – Creating different style voices using Ipas apps

ICT – Manipulating Beebots and saving and retrieving work

Cookery – Chopping and cutting skills and using robot like kitchen equipment

Swimming – Pool safety and independence around hygiene

Yoga – Following instructions and developing relaxation strategies


World Book Day

Book week and the Beech Class Twits

Our topic for last half term was Italy.  In Literacy we will be looking at fact files and using non fiction books to find things out, In cookery will be making yummy pizza and pasta dishes,during Geography we will research different Italian landmarks and find out where Italy is, for music we will make musical instruments using pasta to fill them and make different sounds and in design and technology we will be developing our motor skills and sewing hand puppets

The children enjoyed visiting the make your own pizza counter at Sainsbury's and watching the pizza being made. They then looked around the supermarket for the ingredients used as their pizzas were getting cooked. After all that hard work they were finally allowed to eat their pizzas in the cafe!

Our topic for the first half term was Brushes at the Ready and we had lots of fun learning about the different artists and where they lived.  We looked at the different areas, music, food and culture in these countries and compared to Liverpool. We then had great fun creating our own masterpieces! 

Our second half term was The Jolly Postman and we enjoyed dressing up as post people and learning all about what a post person does. We learnt how to write letters, wanted posters and text messages! We created healthy packed lunches for our postman during cookery sessions and made our very own postboxes.