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Hello and welcome to Beech classes page. In Beech class this year we have 11 children. Our teacher is Sarah and our Learning Support Assistants are David, Lesley, Nicola, Bernie, Molly, Laura and Jane. Sally and Michaela, our learning support officers work with us also. We hope you see from our photographs and videos how much fun we have in school and how we are learning everyday!

Meet the staff.....

Spaceworld Visit - At the end of the Space theme we visited Spaceworld softplay centre. We worked really hard that morning to use our gross motor skills as climbing to the top of the slide was very difficult. We all had lots of fun sliding down! The children had a lovely time.


Louis and Hafsa enjoyed the astroturf football field in the centre. Hafsa worked on her throwing skills and Louis concentrated on his kicking of the ball. Louis also loved the rocket and looked down at everybody from high up.


Connor J and Declan loved climbing up and down the slide.


Callum loved the spinning disc and came out of the softplay to get an adult to push him. He led them all the way back into the spinning disc and said 'go'.


Remario, Alex and Isaac had a great time running around all the levels of softplay. They particularly liked the twisty slide. Isaac preferred to climb on the rope ladder.


Oliver loved the slides and could climb up to the very top and slide down independently.


Connor E liked sliding down the bumpy steps.

Spring and Summer Term visits to Rowan Park Adventure Park

Declan and Oliver enjoying the zip line

Still image for this video
This term our topic is 'The Farm'. We have already learnt a lot about the farm. We have learnt animal names, where they live, who looks after the animals and we have explored different textures - hay, straw, shavings and mud. The children have designed their own farmers and listened to stories about the farm. Some children have got very messy and are learning to explore new textures! We have had great afternoons visiting the farms around Liverpool! See our photos below to see what learning we have been doing.

In Beech Class we use the rebound room for a variety of uses. Some of the children use it for a sensory bounce. They jump on the trampolines independently or with an adult in order to get proprioception or vestibular input.  Some children  use it for intensive interaction to encourage eye contact with an adult and initiating social interaction. Some children work in groups to  encourage social interaction amongst peers. These children play games in learn each others names and take turns. Some rebound sessions are focused on topic learning for example during our farm topic we matched puppets with symbols of animals, matched the animal word with the real life photograph and sorted animals. All of the sessions involve some form of communication between adults and children. For some children this looks like gestures in the form of taking the adults hand to pull them onto the trampoline, making eye contact, using their communication device (book or ipad) to request an adult to jump, go, stop etc. Rebound is extremely rewarding for all of the children. Each child has their individual targets that they work on during their session. 

Look below to see some of the learning we have been doing.

Learning through play in Beech Class

Communication in Beech Class - All of the children in our class communicate in different ways. Some children are working on making eye contact. Some use gestures like pointing, body language, or showing the adult where or what it is they need. Some children exchange real photographs symbols or picture symbols with an adult to show what they need or desire. Some children press pre programmed single words on an ipad device. Some children travel with their communication device (book or ipad) and initiate contact with adults. Some children use 2 and 3 word phrases e.g. Can I have, I want, I see, I like etc. 

Some children are encouraged to use describing words including numbers, colour and shape of objects to specify which thing they need e.g I want chocolate orange circle biscuit, I see red horse, Can I have 3 blue sweets, Can I have pink paint etc. Some children are learning to use  adults names e.g. Sarah can I have, Molly push, David I want, Good morning Laura etc.

The children are encouraged to use their communication devices wherever possible and carry them around school with them to use in every environment. On the playground the children request to be pushed, swung, tickled etc. Our aim is that the children learn to communicate effectively in every environment.  

Outdoor Learning is an important part of our play based curriculum in Beech Class. We use the outside space for a variety of purposes including sand and water play, large scale art work, proprioceptive and vestibular input including stacking and rolling tyres, throwing and catching balls, skipping and other gross motor equipment. The children are happy and enjoy learning outside therefore we aim to be outside as much as possible to learn together.

Have a look at our photographs below to see some of our learning.


Chinese New Year Activities for Maths Week

Pancake Tuesday - we tasted the toppings and then chose which one we wanted!

Child Initiated play in Beech Class

Cookery this term was making pizza faces! The children loved the pizza making process and tasting the end result!

Using face paint to make our features stand out in the mirror!

Sensory Integration activities to regulate our senses!

Looking at pictures of our families - Some of the children made posters of family members!

Children using the ipad to take 'selfies' - looking at different parts of our face

Welcome back after a lovely Christmas break. We hope you all had as much fun as we did! This term our topic is Myself and my family. You can see what we are going to be doing over the next few weeks by downloading the link below. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me!

Curriculum Leaflet Spring 1 - Myself and my Family topic

Look who came to visit today!!!! The grotto was very dark!

Christmas time.....the most wonderful time of the year!

Getting ready for the markets....making our items to sell

The Elves and Reindeer and Santa all ready for the Christmas Play

Art and Creative Exploration

More fun at Woolton Woods and Calderstones Park

ICT exploration

Investigating and Exploring materials and objects

Intensive Interaction

Educational visit to the wet, dark woods.....what fun we had!

Our topic for this half term is Down in the woods. We are learning through stories, play, intensive interaction, sensory exploration and educational visits.
We incorporate independent learning skills into everything we do. All children are working towards becoming more independent in their communication skills, dressing and undressing skills, toileting and eating skills. If you need more support with these skills at home please do not hesitate to contact myself (Sarah) on the school landline.

Communication at the heart of all we do!

Cookery - making jam tarts