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Autumn 1

We have been having lots of fun so far in Willow Class with our Autumn 1 topic 'Aliens from Outer Space'. We have had different themed weeks including metallic week, spikey week, slimey week, glow week, spaceship week and wiggly week! We have had lots of different sensory experiences throughout all of our activities including using spikey materials such as pine cones to create some wonderful artwork, exploring cold, sticky jelly and gloop bags filled with all sorts of different items such as googly alien eyes and shiny pom poms and looking at lots of different objects that light up in our dark tent!


We have also made and experienced the process in making some yummy treats in our weekly cookery session including spikey chocolate cornflake cakes, slimey alien smoothies and glittery pancake spaceships! 


In numeracy we have been singing the number rhyme '5 little men in a flying saucer' and have been learning to knock the flying saucers off our trays during the song! Some of us have also been working on recognising the numbers as we sing along. 


We love to be very active in Willow Class and we all take part in weekly swim sessions, rebound sessions, MOVE circuits, boogie bounce and we have a physical development session every Wednesday!