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Learning from home 

If your child is unable to come to school.due to COVID-19 isolation,  please use this page to access different ideas and resources to support learning at home.


So far this term, we have been working very hard on our communication skills such as initiating play, communicating a want or need and using eye contact.


In Ash Class we love getting together to listen to a story - this term it is 'The Colours In The Rainbow'. We have created two new stories for you to read whilst at home -  Purple Bubble's Colour Hunt and our version of The Day The Crayons Quit'.  The links to these stories are below.


Please find a table of suggested ideas for learing at home. If you need anything else, please contact school.



Ash class really enjoyed our halloween activities. They made so many creative pieces of artwork including witches with paper plates and paper mache pumpkins using balloons. They also took part in our sensory story 'here we go walking through the haunted house' where they found halloween characters and explored items related to what they found. On the last day of term we all put our best halloween fancy dress on and had a halloween party in class.

Bonfire Night

This year we had our very own bonfire celebrations in Ash class. We had a firework sensory story where the children attended their own bonfire party. They explored marshmallows, fairy lights and party poppers and then watched a firework display. In creative they made their own bonfire and firework artwork and we even had sparkelers outside!

Play Activities 

We love to play in Ash class and its a very important part of our learning. In play we can develop our imagination, commuication, interation with adults and other pupils and even learn about numbers and colours. We love messy play too there is always something to engage with when we come into school.

Spring Home Learning.


This term our topic is Animal Boogie so there are lots of fun things you can try at home :)

Spring Term

This term Ash class have been looking at animals. We have started with jungle animals and we have been going on a lion hunt in our sensory story exploring wavy grass, cold water, squishy mud and a dark cave. This has extended into other areas of the school day such as sensory, creative, numeracy and literacy. The children have loved exploring lots of new activities in the new topic. We will continue the topic with farm animals in the coming weeks.



This term in creative we have been making a range of animals who live in the jungle. The children have used a lot of different textures and materials to create their work. We have made lions, elephants, monkeys, parrots and giraffes. 

Sensory Exploration

Sensory play is an important part of our day. The pupils all really enjoy exploring different items alongside items to do with our topic. We have done an animal paint stomp in paint and in foam. Bikes and scooters are highly motivating for the pupils and can help their sensory needs, they also help with communication of "more" or "finished".

Outdoor Play

When the weather allows it the children in Ash class love playing outside. We often have sensory activities out in the trays as well as our play equipment. We are ecouraging the children to engage in activities such as the scooter, diggers, wendy house and drawing with chalk. 

Physical Education

Physical education is important in Ash class. We do circuits in the sports hall and small hall each week to build up balance, strength, co-ordination and concentration. PE can also be brought into the classroom, we always have a physical circuit set up in class if the children want to access it. We sometimes bring in equipment from outside as well to ecourage more movement thruought the day.

New Activities 

The children in ash class have been building on their skills this term. Some of the pupils have been working on their spelling and number skills. We have also been working on our fine motor skills and exploring sensory enviroments. Our story has been the three little pigs so we have been building some houses out of different materials. 


The children in ash class have had a lovely end to the spring term. We have had an Easter egg hunt, an Easter bonnet parade and lots of Easter crafts. The pupils followed visuals to find their Easter eggs on the playground and loved showing off their bonnet creations via zoom with the other classes.

Summer Term

In the weeks before may half term, Ash class are travelling around the world. We have a new sensory story exploring different countries and we will be creating our own flags in creative.

Week 1

On our first week back after the Easter break we enjoyed our new sensory story, sensory water play and we had our first trip out to the park for a long time! We had a lovely time playing in the park in the sunshine and having snack with our friends. We also celebrated some birthdays this week so we had a little party for our friends.

Week 2

This week the children in Ash class have been learning more about the countries of the world. We made spanish flags in creative and made our own pizzas on friday for Italy. Some of the children recognised the colours in different flags from around the world. We have also been working on recognising different emotions and copying them. On thursday we went to the park again and the children loved playing in the sunshine and eating ice creams!

Week 3

This week the children in Ash class have continued their exploration around the world. We tasted some chinese food with mixed reviews during story. We also created more flags building on our cutting skills. On thursday we too a trip to the park and the children were encouraged to try new equipment and they loved it. The staff created a new cosy reading corner to help the children to take some time to regulate themselved and they loved it. 

Week 4 

This week the children in Ash class have been participating in Art week and you can read more about what they got up to below. Also this week the children enjoyed sensory play and when the weather allowed they took any chance they could to be outside. We have been working on showing the children how to use the equipment we have outside such as scooters and scoot boards and how to communicate to an adult to ask for help with these items. On friday we did another taste session from around the world. This week we explored India and tried popadoms, naan bread, onion bahjis, samosas and bombay potatoes. The children all got invloved and explored the various flavours and textures.

Art Week

This week was also Millstead Art week. Each class were given a famous artist to look at and try to recreate similar artwork. Ash class were given Jackson Pollock who created his artwork by splashing paint onto canvas. The children really enjoyed creating their artworks for our art gallery on thursday and they also got to use syringes to squirt paint onto a joint artwork piece. We were then given the opportunity to walk around the gallery to view our work and the work of other classes they all loved it! Afterwards we visited the gallery cafe and had some cake and ice cream all together. You can see all of the amazing artwork created below but congratulations to Lewis who won the prize for the best artwork in Ash class. Well done Lewis!

Week 5

This week the children in Ash class went to forest school for the first time! In forest school they are encouraged to explore and play in the forest. They learn how to use tools to dig mud and find any insects to learn more about the world around them. Then we sat round the campfire and took it in turns to toast a yummy marshmallow. The children loved forest school and cant wait to go again next week!

Week 6

This week in Ash class, we have enjoyed our continuous story of travelling the world and eating at  French café. The children enjoyed eating croissants, brioche French baguette with garlic cheese spread.

The children have also been working on their cutting skills scissors and creating African flags. They have been encouraged to be independent during creative.

Week 7

This week in Ash class we enjoyed our last week of the half term. The children did their last week on the topic 'around the world' and our last taste session. The country we tasted food from this week was England. We had a mini afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes followed by scones with jam and cream. This week we visited forest school again where we built on our play and tool skills and watched popcorn pop over the fire. We have had a lovely half term exploring and learning more about the world and we cant wait to start 'lets move' after the break.

Summer 2

We have all had a lovely half term break and we are back for our final half term for this school year. This half term we have a new topic - Let's Move! So we will be learning all about exercise and healthy eating to get us moving. We have a new story all about getting up and moving during the day an we are looking forwards to sport week in a few weeks! We cant wait to have lots of fun in some lovely weather.

Week 1

It's our first week back after half term and we have lots of new and exciting things to experience in our new topic. The children have been making goal posts in creative using playdough and lollypop sticks to work on their fine motor skills. We have also enjoyed our new story where we get up and move around. We have also been back to forest school and tried a new park this week.

Sports Week

This week we have been celebrating our yearly sports week. The children have had a lovely time taking part in a wide range of activities collection points for our class. We have been set targets and ways to collect points in swimming, playtimes, PE, climbing wall and sessions ran by Everton and Liverpool football clubs. Ash class have worked really hard to get as many points as possible but having fun and getting moving are the most important things. We have loved being in our sporty clothes and engaging in lots of fun activities.