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Welcome to Ash Class web page. We will ensure that this page is regularly updated with news about learning and the fun that we have in Ash Class. The teacher in Ash Class this year is Zoey. Tom is our learning support officer and Michelle, Sara, Emma, Margi and Vicki are the learning support assistants. we now also have an apprentice in class, her name is Sarah. There are 12 children in Ash Class this year.


The children have quickly settled back into their school routines following a fun Spring break.This term our topic is 'Aliens in Space'. Please see our curriculum leaflet for further information.

Spring Term News April 2016

Autumn Term

Autumn Term  1 Happy Birthday Aaron!
Autumn Term  2 Using visuals to support sentence structure.
Autumn Term  3 Planning story writing with the use of visuals.
Autumn Term  4 Exploring plants during our science session.
Autumn Term  5 Exploring plants during our science session
Autumn Term  6 Paying for toast during Independent Living Skills.
Autumn Term  7 Ordering words in a sentence.
Autumn Term  8 Posting a letter in the North Pole Post Office.
Autumn Term  9 Mark making fun!
Autumn Term  10 Splish, Splash! Developing our swimming skills.
Autumn Term  11 Playing and working together.
Autumn Term  12 Using LAMP to communicate with others.
Autumn Term  13 Retelling stories to the teddy bears.
Autumn Term  14 I am now confident in pool!
Autumn Term  15 Painting fun!
Autumn Term  16 Playing shop with my friends.
Autumn Term  17 Using the computer to express my ideas for writing
Autumn Term  18 Playing games with my friends.

Fun in Ash Class