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Ash Class

The children in Ash Class have been working on developing their engagement and interaction skills this term. We have completed fun creative activities based on the topic, 'celebrations' . Some children have enjoyed exploring the sensory trays with a range of sensory resources in them. 



Creative Activities

The children have been developing their independent living skills in a range of areas. We are encouraging the children to wash their hands before lunch and during toileting routines. The children are encouraged to take their plates to the bin after eating lunch before choosing their own pudding and follow their timetables or visuals transitioning around the school independently.

Independent Skills

During new skills activities and workstation tasks the children develop attention, engagement, independence skills, organisation skills to name a few. The tasks range in difficulty so the level of challenge is sufficient for each child.
The children have been completing sensory inputs to ensure they are ready to learn. The children have a range of activities including the foot spa, peanut, standing bike, the supported bikes, walks and tactile input. Once the children are ready to learn and able to focus they are presented with a work activity.
The children complete familiar play skills activities on a regular basis. They are learning how to play with toys through structures play tasks. These tasks are supported through, visuals, modelling and a clear beginning, middle and end.
The children completed some work on the topic 'The Farm'. We explored lovely sensory trays and created artwork initially encouraging the children to sit at the work area and then extend the amount of time they are engaged with an activity. 
The children engage in stories throughout the day. We have topic based stories and stories that are not related to the topic but that the children enjoy listening to. We try to make the stories as engaging as possible with sensory aspects to develop their their engagement.