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Art and DT

Summer term one is our third focus on DT this year and it should prove to be an exciting one! We are using our designing and making skills to design and make different types of boats to link  to our topic of 'Pirate Adventure'. Each week we will have the opportunity to practise a new skills in the designing and making process. We will look at different types of boats, what they are for, what we can use to make them and how we can make them move across water.

At the end of it all we will have an inter class competition, 'The Great Millstead Boat Race' to see who can make the most seaworthy of vessels in a challenge to cross the treacherous waters of the swimming pool!


Come back regularly to see how we are getting on!

This term we have been developing our skills in DT. We have been focused on making junk model robots form different recyclable materials. We enjoyed looking at how we can use everyday household waste products and packaging to create our own robots. We have made us of old toilet roll innards, empty milk cartons, bottle tops, jars, cardboard boxes and so much more! 


We also worked hard together as a class to create our own Elm Class mascot robot called 'Eve' who is our talking robot friend that has special tank tracks to help her move around!

Within Art week this year we had a big focus on developing creative skills through literacy and numeracy focused tasks. We have been counting, adding and subtracting, along with developing our fine motor control and pincer grips through a range of lovely activities that have created a lovely class display wall showcasing all of our wonderful work!