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Please open the above word document to see a photo of the finished product if you need inspiration. However do not worry if your end product looks nothing like the photo, it's the journey that counts!

Art and Crafts

Below are four art ideas for you to do with your child. Do these activities with your child, Have FUN, get messy, take photos and remember it’s all about the process, don’t worry about the end product.


  1. Food Painting


You will need:

  • Different fruit, vegetables, spices etc. from around your house e.g. tin tomatoes, turmeric, peppers etc.

What to do:

  • Encourage your child to pick different fruits, vegetables etc. from those you have found
  • Get them to mark make on a piece of paper using the different items e.g. put chopped tomatoes onto the paper and spread them around using your hands
  • Once they have used one item get encourage them to choose something else to use, e.g. squash a pepper onto the picture
  • When your child has finished take a photo of the art.
  • Once it is dry you can keep the picture for a short amount of time.



  1. Autumn Collage




You will need:

  • Items out of your garden
    • Leaves
    • Twigs
    • Grass etc.

          What to do:

  • Go outside into your garden and find different autumnal objects
  • Place them all out on a surface so your child can see them
  • Encourage your child to choose different items and place them onto a piece of paper however they want
  • Once they have made their collage, take a photograph
  • Take off all of the pieces and start again, make different pictures using different items you have collected
  • Always take a photo once your child has put as many items down as they want