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Art projects for our "Spring is in the Air" topic

Resources and step by step visuals for all activities will be provided in home learning packs in the event that children need to stay at home.


We are learning to follow visual instructions this term. The more times you can repeat each activity, the more independence your child will gain! We will focus on one project a week gradually building up the skills needed to complete each project.


Shaun the Sheep

What you will need:

Cotton wool balls

Sheep's body template 

Black card legs and head 

Googly eyes


Holly the Horse

What you will need:

Brown paper


Colouring pencils

Googly eyes


Charlie Chick

What you will need: 

Chick template


Tissue paper


Googly eyes


Percy Pig

What you will need:

Sugar paper cut into circles for the head and the body, ovals for the nostrils, triangles for the ears and a spiral tail


Googly eyes

Other creative projects we have made in Redwood

Making Stickman

Making stickman you will need plain paper or surface.

Chocolate matchsticks or real sticks.

something green for leaves and goggly eye. 
visual representation of stickman would be ideal to see if children can complete independently.


Let's make Jasper the cat!


What you will need:

  • Black and white paper (if you don't have any black paper, use whatever colour you can find!)
  • Scissors

How to make Jasper the cat using shapes and paper:

How to make a monster using egg cartons