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In Maple Class we love to get messy during our art activities.  Art can support both communication and physical development and be lots of fun!


This half term we made different aliens in art sessions.  We spends lots of time exploring the different objects and resources before actually making our creations.


Spikey Aliens - We explored spikey sensory balls and pine cones, rolled them in paint and moved them around on paper to make spikey aliens.


UV Aliens - We exlplored UV face paints, the children painted our faces, some children had their faces painted and some children painted on black card.  We went to the Immersive suite and turned on the UV lights and watched everyone glow up! The children loved seeing themselves in the mirror and watching everyone glow.  We sang alien songs and danced around in the Immersive suite. 


Splat Aliens - During slime week we explored water balloons, dipped them in paint and dropped them onto paper on the floor to make them splat.  We also tied them to string and let them go to splat them. 


Wiggly Aliens - We loved exploring cooked spaghetti before dipping them in paint and using them to make aliens. 


Metal Aliens - We explored all things shiny this week, glitter, foil, space blankets and metallic card.  We used torches to see them reflect in the light and the children enjoyed feeling sticky glue and then the glitter falling onto their arms and hands.