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Remember when you are doing art and craft activities, the end product is not important, it doesn’t matter if what you make doesn’t look like it should.  What is important is what your child does, learns and explores during the process.  Have fun, get messy and get creative.


We would love to see some of your creations if you are able to email them to us at school. 




See Individual Learning Plans for individualised activities to work towards targets

NOTE: Finished work does not need to look like the pictures- let the children do the work! They are learning through the process and it doesn’t matter what their finished artwork looks like as long as they’ve done it as independently as possible J




 The Wizard of Oz

Activity 1: Junk Model Tin Man


Children to explore different junk model materials and choose which to use. Support to stick together, children to explore tin foil, pompoms, pipe cleaners and stick on their tin man.


Junk model materials- boxes, tubes, tins, bottles, bottle tops, etc.

Tin foil.





Activity 1: Colourful Elmer Elephant Collage


Children to rip/ scrunch/ feel coloured tissue and then spread glue over Elmer pictures. Children to drop their tissue paper to make an Elmer collage. 


Activity 2: Stamp Print Elmer


Get different sponges and coloured paints out. Children to put sponges in paint and then splodge on their Elmer pictures.

Different coloured tissue paper


Elmer template


Stamps/ sponges

Different coloured paints



George’s Marvellous Medicine

Activity 1: Sensory Jars/ Bottles


Children to explore different resources. See which they show an interest in and support to drop in their bottles. Add water and children to pour glitter in and then shake their sensory bottles to watch everything move around. You could even go for a walk and find some leaves etc. to put in their sensory bottles.


Activity 2: Bubble Mixture/ Food Colouring Painting


Make up the bubble solution and then blow onto a piece of paper for the children. Children to explore the mixture/ pop bubbles/ make marks using their hands.


Bottles/ jars





Pom poms


Bubble mixture

Food colouring/ paint




Sheldon the Snail


Activity 1: Shell Printing


Give children lots of time to explore the different shells, feel them on different body parts etc. Children to rub shells in paint and then onto a piece of paper to make a shell print. If you don’t have shells find something else to do rubbings with e.g. tree bark. You could then add some eyes and tentacles and make it into a snail!


Activity 2: Paper Plate Snail


Children to spread glue over a paper plate and then drop pompoms to make their snail shell. Children to paint half a paper plate and then stick the other to this. Add pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Shells/ something to print e.g. tree bark


Sheldon template


Paper plates


Pom poms/ sequins/ gems

Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners


Room on the Broom

Activity 1: Spaghetti Painting


Put a big bunch of spaghetti in an elastic band and cook half of it (like a witches broom). Children to hold onto uncooked part and whip cooked spaghetti into paint on Room on the Broom template to create a spaghetti witches broom painting.


Activity 2: Witches Broom


Go for a walk and collect lots of different twigs. Children to explore the twigs using different body parts. Adults to tie a bunch together like a witches’ broom and then children can explore/ hold/ sweep. 

Half cooked spaghetti

Elastic band


Room on the broom template


Twigs/ sticks


Alice in Wonderland

Activity 1: Cheshire Cat Paper Plate


Children to paint their paper plates different shades of pink. Then, paint over a white mouth and stick eyes, nose, ears. Adult to cut into cat shape.


Activity 2: Stamp Playing Cards


Get pieces of white card and make club, heart, spade and diamond stamps using a sponge. Children to hold onto the stamps, dip in red or black paint and stamp onto card to make their own playing cards.

 Paper plate

Pink paint

Eyes/ nose/ ears template


Heart/ diamond/ club/ spade stamps (sponge)

Red and black paint

White card