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Alder Class

Welcome to Alder Class!
We are made up of five boys Sidiki, Joe, Logan, Harry and Alex and four girls Grace, Poppy, Libby and Kyla. Our class teacher is Hannah and we are very lucky to have Donna, Jenna and Jess our learning support assistants and Bonnie our apprentice who support us every day. We follow a play based curriculum alongside early reading, writing and numeracy.


Summer Two

Our topic this term is 'Under the Sea' we will be reading Shark in the Park, Barry the fish with fingers, Jolly Olly Octopus and we will be recapping The Rainbow Fish which we read earlier on in the school year. 
Our focus for numeracy will be time, money, calculations and position, direction and movement.
For our science sessions we will be looking at living things, we will be planting our own plants that we will have to look after ourselves, taking part in science experiments and looking at animal habitats.
As it is our final term in Alder Class we will be planning special trips and days out - we will be taking the children on an all day trip to Gulliver's World which we are super excited about!

Walton Hall Gardens Visit - 16th May 2019
Alder class had a fantastic all day visit to Walton Hall Gardens. All children where amazing and followed their visual and written timetables. We enjoyed the park, farm and best of all THE THOMAS TRAIN!! 
All children enjoyed their ice-creams and picnic lunch. We are so proud of the children for their brilliant behaviour on this visit.

Summer One.
Our topic this half term is 'Alien Invasion' - we will be reading 'Aliens Love Underpants and Whatever Next!' as part of our shared reading time in class. During numeracy we will be looking at quantity, ordering numbers and subtraction. 
For Science we will be focusing on 'Light and Dark' and will be making dens, looking at shadows, spending some time in our Immersive Suite in school and visiting the museum to look at the space section.
We are planning an all day trip to Walton Hall Gardens and will be making the most of the sunshine and getting out in the community.

Alder Classes Trip to the moon!
Alder class enjoyed a trip to the moon! As part of our literacy we have been reading 'Whatever Next!' so we re-enacted what baby bear did when he went to the moon. We put on our space boots and our space hats and got inside our rocket! We counted down … BLAST OFF! It was very exciting but also very scary - we had to dodge comets, wave to people on aeroplanes, and we were all walking very funny on the moon. We had a picnic as there wasn't very much to do on the moon and then we got back into our rocket and landed back on planet earth. 

Spring Two
Our topic this half term is Toys - during literacy we will be reading Kipper's Toy Box, Lost in the Toy Museum and Toys in Space. We will be focusing on the children's play skills this half term and encouraging the children to use toys to initiate play with another child in class. Our show and tell 'Bring a toy from home day' is coming up on Friday 15th March - we will let you know more about this in your child's home school link book.
During Science we will be looking at forces particularly push and pull forces but will be using this time to focus on our own body awareness and are lucky enough to do some swing therapy with Michaela.

We are planning to visit the Liverpool Museum to see the toy section there and look at past and present toys and in history we will be comparing these toys.


We had a fabulous week before we broke up for Easter. We enjoyed our weekly trip out, Harry's birthday, The Easter Bake Off and The Easter Bonnet Parade. We also enjoyed Easter crafts and making cakes.

We have been learning about push and pull forces.

Look at how amazing we looked dressed up for World Book Day!

During our visits into the community we have been setting the children small tasks to develop their independence skills.

Spring One!
Our topic this half term is 'The Large Family' - the stories we will be reading are 'A piece of Cake' 'All in One Piece' 'A Quiet Night in' and will be finishing off reading 'Peace at Last' which is a story by the same author Gill Murphy. 

During numeracy we will be looking at heavy and light objects, number and quantity and time/sequencing. 

In Science we are focusing on Healthy Living and have been looking at all of the different ways we can keep our bodies healthy - we are looking at brushing our teeth, healthy eating and we are even going to take part in some yoga sessions and teaching the children about having a healthy mind as well as body.

This half term in PE we have begun getting changed for our session and have noticed fantastic progression with our independent dressing skills.

Have a look at what we have been up to in January...

Mr Large's Birthday Party
Alder Class where lucky enough to be invited to Mr Large's Birthday Party. They had a fantastic time - they ate party food, played party games, danced and had cake (the best part). Alder class and Redwood class had a brilliant time playing together.

Christmas Time - December 2018

As Christmas is approaching we have had so many opportunities to participate in lovely activities. We have really been getting into the Christmas spirit. We are so proud of how amazing the children performed in the Christmas play and would like to thank all of the parents who came to watch for their support.

Autumn Two.

Our topic this half term is 'If you go down to the woods'. We will be reading Bear Hunt, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gruffalo as part of our shared reading time. We have been learning about Habitats in Science and have visited Lister Drive Fisheries where we seen some animals in their own habitats. We have lots of exciting activities planned for this half term, we will be visiting Delamere Forest on our first all day visit, going to the cinema and taking part in a workshop at Pets at Home. We are looking forward to Christmas where we will be taking part in lots of lovely Christmas activities, practising for our performance and taking a trip to Taskers to see all of the lovely christmas decorations. 

15.11.2018 - The Gruffalo Trail - Delamere Forest

Alder Class where lucky enough to visit Delamere Forest as part of our 'If you go down to the woods' topic. The children where fantastic and walked a long way, we followed the Gruffalo trail and everybody was so excited when we finally made it (even though we did lots of pit stops to rest our legs and enjoy a light snack). We also went to McDonald's for our lunch and all of the children where amazing at waiting for their order and eating in a busy environment.

Me and My Family
Our first topic has been 'Me and my family'. The children have made their own family trees and have produced some fantastic self portraits of themselves. They have even taken sneaky selfies during ICT to put inside their photo frames that they made. During Science we have been looking at our senses - we have been exploring some very strange textures, tasting some new foods, smelling many different smells and we even went on a sound walk in school and outside whilst wearing our sound ears.
Take a look at everything we have been up to... We really do not stop in Alder Class! 


During maths we have been looking at different shapes. We can all recognise simple shapes and some of us can even recognise more complicated ones. We can even say how many sides each shape has!
We have done lots of pratical activities and have made different shapes ourselves out of straws.

Football with LFC - 17.10.2018
Alder Class have been so lucky to have a weekly football session with the coaches from LFC during Autumn Term One. They have learned a variety of skills such as teamwork, listening skills, turn taking and ball skills.

Pumpkin Picking!
Alder class enjoyed a trip to Hightown Pumpkin Patch. We very carefully selected three class pumpkins and all of the children really enjoyed the experience (especially going very fast in a wheelbarrow).