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Adult and child-led activities this term

Picture 1 Ellis using one-to-one correspondence
Picture 2 Lilly practising her letter formation
Picture 3 Molly using the talking tin to segment words
Picture 4 Jasmine sorting coins into 3 groups independently
Picture 5 Sange finding the object hidden under the cloth
Picture 6 Naji creating a sequence with the touch lamps
Picture 7 Makenzie independently sorting coins into 3 piles
Picture 8 Jenny using the cutter independently
Picture 9 Adonai recognising numerals outside
Picture 10 Eva choosing the maraca on request
Picture 11 Charlie copying sounds and actions from the story
Picture 12 Naji using a pincer grip to squirt paint
Picture 13 Lilly using the track pad to turn the pages
Picture 14 Sange using PECS to make a choice at snack
Picture 15 Molly practising her letter formation
Picture 16 Ellis recognising environmental sounds
Picture 17 Jenny copying an adult's pattern
Picture 18 Naji recognising numerals from a choice of 2
Picture 19 Makenzie using a pincer grip to add seeds
Picture 20 Charlie independently completing an inset puzzle
Picture 21 Molly completing workstation activities
Picture 22 Sange shaking the tambourine to the sons
Picture 23 Jasmine using the pictures to find rhyming words
Picture 24 Naji copying loud and quiet sounds with an adult
Picture 25 Sange and Adonai enjoying counting songs
Picture 26 Lilly selecting objects as they appear on screen
Picture 27 Charlie working with an adult to create a collage
Picture 28 Children copying the actions in music session
Picture 29 Ellis selecting the correct picture when asked
Picture 30 Charlie sorting the cars into big and small
Picture 31 Jasmine independently sorting by colour
Picture 32 Ellis making marks on the interactive white board
Picture 33 Eva playing the drum to the counting songs