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Yew Class

Welcome to Yew Class

Yew Class is made up of six boys, Bobby, Connor, Harry, Muizz, Tommy and Umar, and two girls Ashley and Kendall. Our Class Teacher is Louise and our LSA's are Jane, Connor, Emma and Alice and we also have an apprentice, Beth. 


In Yew Class we follow a play based curriculum where we are able to learn through play, as well as 1:1 activities and group sessions. Throughout the day we will access literacy and numeracy within many different sessions. We also have access to specific rebound, swimming, PE and cookery sessions. Every Tuesday we have the opportunity to go out in the community, these trips help us to develop appropriate behaviours and additional skills needed (e.g. road safety) when accessing the community. 

Autumn 2


If you go down to the woods...


Our topic for this half term is 'If you go down to the woods...' during this half term we will be going on a bear hunt and finding a snowman to visit Santa in the woods. 

Sensory Story

The first part of this half term our sensory story is 'We're going on a bear hunt', we are enjoying accessing all the different stages of the story and especially enjoy finding the bear. 

During the second part of this half term we will be looking at 'The Snowman', we will be building our own snowman and taking him into the woods to meet his friends and Santa for a party. 


In our cookery sessions this half term we will be making picnic food that we will be able to take on a 'teddy bear's picnic' at the end of term. We are looking at developing our mixing and spreading skills as well as our communication. We will be able to choose different ingredients to use for our picnic food and best of all we get to taste test everything first. 


Within our numeracy sessions we are looking at number songs and taking away one from a group, as well as number recognition and 1:1 correspondence. These activities will take place within a group as well as in 1:1 sessions. 

Access to the community

This half term we are walking to the local shops to sit and have snack in the cafe. We are learning to walk appropriately and alongside an adult to and from the shop, as well as learning to sit and wait for our toast and communicate appropriately our wants and needs. 



Autumn 1


My self and my family

During our first half term our topic has been my self and my family, we have looked at photos of our families and have worked on recognising ourselves in pictures. We have also looked at our senses, our favourite foods and using ICT to take our own selfies. 

Sensory Story

Our sensory story this half term is 'My senses'. Each week we will look at different things we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste.