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Beech Class

Hello and welcome to Beech Class. 

In Beech class we have 6 boys and 5 girls.  Our class teacher is Michelle and our LSAs are Rachel and Kate and we have Laura and Carly our Apprentices.

This term our topic is Happy Families.  We are reading some of the Happy Families books- Mr Tick the Teacher, Master Bun the Bakers Boy, Mrs Vole the Vet and Miss Jump the Jockey.  We are enjoying looking at different jobs and reading the books.  Our Science focus is on keeping healthy and our RE focus is Judaism.  


During cookery we have decide to focus on making things using bread and making different types of bread-linking in with our book Master Bun the Bakers' Boy- .  So far we have made toast, bread buns, a bread loaf and naan bread.  This has been extra fun as we can eat our creations the next day for our snack! We spend time in the cookery room and are learning to follow verbal instructions and work as independently as possible. 

Picture 1 Achille sieving the flour
Picture 2 Jenny sieving the flour
Picture 3 Ellis mixing the ingredients together
Picture 4 Kendra mixing the ingredients together
Picture 5 Adam learning how to knead his dough
Picture 6 Elliot learning how to knead his dough
Picture 7 Callum learning how to knead his dough
Picture 8 Eva learning how to knead her dough
Picture 9 Lilly learning how to knead her dough

This term our topic was Celebrations.  We made party food in cookery and learnt about Bonfire night, birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah.    We learnt how different celebrations were celebrated during Victorian times and in RE/ PHSE we learnt how to keep safe on bonfire night, how to cross the road safely and who are safe 'strangers' to ask for help. 

We have enjoyed our lead up to Christmas this term.  We made lots of lovely things to sell at our Christmas fair, we made reindeer poo, reindeer food, Reindeer cakes, reindeer hot chocolate and reindeer decorations.  We watched Key Strings perform and enjoyed playing some of their musical instruments that they brought along. We also enjoyed the Variety Christmas party.  

We took part in our fabulous Christmas play and we were brilliant! we all worked very hard at our 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' segment and hope you enjoyed it too.

We continue to look forward to our visit to Crazy Town, our Christmas dinner and our 2nd Christmas party!  

Beech class at Christmas

Beech class at Christmas  1 The cast for this years I'm a Celebrity!
Beech class at Christmas  2
Beech class at Christmas  3
Beech class at Christmas  4
Beech class at Christmas  5
Beech class at Christmas  6
Beech class at Christmas  7
Beech class at Christmas  8
Beech class at Christmas  9
Beech class at Christmas  10
Beech class at Christmas  11
Beech class at Christmas  12
Beech class at Christmas  13
Beech class at Christmas  14
Beech class at Christmas  15